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Joy Industrial Co., Ltd. (Dienatronic)

Electric Cycle Systems/Electric Bike Parts/Electric Bike Kits/ Electric Tricy...

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Joy Industrial Co., Ltd. (2017 Dienatronic)
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Joy Industrial Co., Ltd. (2017 Dienatronic)


Dienatronic was established in 2012 under JOY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
As present, our product carries: e-Cycle Systems, e-Bicycle, Hand Crank e-Tricycle, and e-Scooter. for they are CE, EMC, ISO 7176 certify, winner for d & i, iF, Taiwan Excellence awards.
In addition, we are ISO 14001, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9002, and TOSHMS CNS 15506/OHSAS 1800 certify.

Parent Company
JOY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. - established in 1971, world-leader in bicycle hubs, wheel-sets; contribute over 18% bicycle hubs in the world, forge three other brands: JOYTECH, NOVATEC, and FACTOR, with two factories located in China, and a HQ /factory located in Taiwan.
By Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan factory is honor to be appoint as Tourism Factory.